Dine and Dish: Stone Row Pub & Eatery Jim Thorpe, PA


Stone Row Pub & Eatery Jim Thorpe, PA

Two years ago, my younger brother, Louis (known to family and friends as Louie), moved out to Butler, PA as part of a job transfer with the state of Pennsylvania. Since the move, he only comes home a few times a year, one of them being the Presidents Day holiday weekend. Since he doesn’t come home until then, he has been taking me out for my birthday in February as opposed to January (my actual birth month). Through the years, Louie and I have stayed local; however, with my allergy diagnosis, it has been a challenge to find a place where I can safely and comfortably eat and where Louie can find something he likes as well, which has never been a problem since he pretty much will eat almost anything. Back in January, I saw a link on Facebook about a Harry Potter themed coffee shop in Jim Thorpe, PA, which is about two hours away from Philadelphia. I talked to Louie about it and he said that was fine with him if that was where I wanted to go. When I messaged the coffee shop, the person who responded back that while they didn’t serve actual meals, they did recommend a local restaurant that was entirely Gluten Free. I relayed this information to my brother and he said that it was fine; we could have lunch at the one restaurant then dessert at the coffeehouse. While some people thought the idea of us going all that way for a coffee shop was a bit crazy, Louie pointed out that he drove three hours just so I can go to a Doctor Who themed restaurant in New York state. During Louie’s recent trip back home, we hopped into his car and took a trip up to Jim Thorpe, PA. After spending several minutes trying to find a place to park, we made our way to the Stone Row Pub & Eatery.

Stone Row Pub & Eatery, located at 45-47 Race Street in Jim Thorpe, PA opened its doors in its current iteration in 2014. The restaurant itself is comprised of two row homes that were built back to the 1880’s which were converted into one space for commercial use. Louie and I were greeted by a friendly host who seated us in a small, but cozy dining area. Our server, Tina, was friendly and extremely helpful and gladly started us both off with a cup of the Black Bean and Carrot Soup. I ordered the Millet Burger with vegan cheese with Red Pepper Chutney on the side, a side of potato salad on Gluten Free Focaccia bread. The millet burger was crispy; however, it didn’t have a heavy oily taste like most fried foods do and the vegan cheese and Red Pepper chutney added that nice additional flavor to it. The Focaccia bread was absolutely delicious; because of my Gluten allergies, I’ve avoided it, but since the restaurant was 100% Gluten free, I decided to give it a try. The potato salad was delicious, especially with the mustard added in. Louie had the pasta, with the pesto and he did seem to enjoy it considering he ate the entire thing before I had the chance to finish my burger. Louie pointed out that we each ordered the opposite of what we usually order; he usually orders the burger and I usually order the entrée.

At Stone Row Pub & Eatery, everything is made fresh and made to order. They are 100% Gluten Free and they have a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen. While the seating areas are cozy, they aren’t cramped and crowded. The service was very friendly and our server, Tina, was very knowledgeable of the menu and was very helpful in answering any questions that I had. While it can be pricey, it is worth spending the extra money. The quality of the food is very good and everything is prepared fresh; at least a half an hour. If you are ever up in Jim Thorpe, PA, Stone Row Pub and Eatery is definitely worth a visit!

Stone Row Pub & Eatery
45-47 Race Street
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stoneroweatery/

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