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Traditions Restaurant and Bakery

A few months ago, John mentioned to me that his parents wanted to go up to the Altoona area to visit with Aunt Leona, his Great Aunt.  According to what I was told, Aunt Leona requested that we all come up and see her and since she hadn’t seen me in a few years, she made an inquiry to John’s parents if I was coming up to visit as well.  John suggested that I research a local restaurant in the Martinsburg area called Traditions where John and his family have dined many times over the years when he and his parents have gone up to visit family.  I messaged the establishment in regards to if they can accommodate my Gluten and Dairy allergies, which the General Manager, Arley, confirmed.  On Friday morning right before the start of the Memorial Day holiday, John, his parents, and I headed west to visit Aunt Leona, as well as Uncle Dale and Aunt Carolyn.  After we stopped in to say a quick hello to Aunt Leona and making sure Mom and Dad were settled in, John and I paid a quick visit to Traditions prior to our family dinner to stop in and introduce ourselves to Arley, the General Manager, who is an absolute sweetheart.  We told Arley about what the website was all about and let her know that we were going to be stopping by later to have dinner with family.  We returned to Aunt Leona’s place for a spell and after our visit with Aunt Leona, the four of us headed over to Traditions Restaurant and Bakery to meet Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Dale for dinner.

Traditions Restaurant and Bakery, located at 2329 Curryville Road in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, has been a mainstay in the Altoona area since 2007 and a favorite of John and his family.  We were greeted by a friendly hostess, who escorted us to our table, as well as Keri, one of the supervisors.  Keri, along with our server Trevor, answered any questions that I had regarding the menu and any of the items on the menu that I wasn’t sure about.  I decided to order the Haddock with a side of steamed carrots and a plain baked sweet potato along with a small side salad, minus cheese and croutons, with a Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.  Before I settled on ordering the Haddock, I double checked on what the fish was going to be broiled in.  Both Keri and Trevor confirmed that their fish dinners were broiled in a vegetable-based cooking spray, which eased one of my major concerns considering that a lot of restaurants broil their fish in a butter-based cooking spray or a base that most likely contained butter in it.  The salad was an excellent starter; I especially enjoyed the tangy flavor of the Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.  The Haddock was flaky and delicious and seasoned perfectly, the carrots tender and juicy, and the sweet potato moist and very tasty.

As soon as I entered the restaurant, I absolutely loved the ambiance and the friendliness of the staff, who were extremely welcoming.  I was especially impressed with our server, Trevor, and Supervisor Keri.  They both answered any questions that I had with patience and care and they made sure that I had a safe and comfortable dining experience.  The dining room was brightly lit, spacious, clean, and accommodated for comfortable dining.  The food is fresh and made to order; the estimated time that the food is ready to be served is about half an hour.  Not only was the food fresh and tasty, I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience and I highly recommend Traditions for anyone with food sensitivities.  If you’re in the Martinsburg, PA area, I definitely recommend dining at Traditions Restaurant and Bakery; the gift shop is also worth a visit as well.

Traditions Restaurant and Bakery
2327 Curryville Road
Martinsburg, PA 16662

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