Buttonwood Grill: Peddler’s Village, PA


Buttonwood Grill: Peddler’s Village, PA

For at least the last 9 ½ years that John and I have been together, we have been to Peddler’s Village many times.  For the most part, we’ve mostly gone for the special events; the Strawberry Festival in the Spring, Bluegrass and Blueberries and the Peach Festival/Sidewalk Sale in the Summertime, and the Scarecrow Festival and the Apple Festival in the Autumn (if those don’t clash with other events that we planned to attend at that given time).  Throughout our frequent jaunts through the village, we often walk past the fine dining establishments that Peddler’s Village has to offer mostly due to expense; however, my allergies to Gluten and Dairy also factored into why we didn’t stop in to eat in addition to the cost.  This past January for my 40th birthday, I was gifted by my boss and his wife with a gift card which entitled me to dine at any of the restaurants the village had to offer; Earl’s New American, The Cock n Bull Restaurant, Giggleberry Fair, Hart’s Tavern, Buttonwood Grill, or the Golden Plough Inn.  I immediately went online and painstakingly looked over the menu for each and found that out of the lot, Buttonwood Grill would be my best option since they offered at least three Gluten Free meals that I could have and would omit anything dairy upon my request.  John was very receptive to the idea of having a lunch out at one of the Peddler’s Village restaurants; we usually don’t eat lunch out very often and it would be a treat for the both of us.  It was just a matter of when we had the opportunity to do it and with the gift card burning a hole in my pocket, we took that opportunity on the Saturday before the July 4th holiday.

The Buttonwood Grill, located at 5795 Lower York Road, New Hope, PA, has been a Peddler’s Village mainstay since March 5, 2012 and situated right next to the Golden Plough Inn.  John and I have walked past the Buttonwood Grill many times, but we didn’t know what to expect when we walked in.  We were immediately greeted by the friendly hostesses who were more than eager to seat us.  Danielle, the hostess that I had the pleasure in speaking with a few nights previously while inquiring about a reservation, immediately showed me which items on the menu that would be the safest for me to consume.  John and I were shown to a small, yet cozy and intimate booth on the lower level of the restaurant where we were waited on by the delightful Macy.  Macy took the time to go over the menu again with me and answered any other questions that I had just to make sure that certain items were safe for me to eat, which was greatly appreciated.  Being a hot summer’s day and not in the frame of mind for a heavy meal, I ultimately decided on the Butternut Squash Salad sans the goat cheese.    The salad was a good-sized portion containing Butternut Squash, dried cranberries, Bibb lettuce, and almonds.  The squash was tender and the lettuce was perfectly crisp.  There was just enough dressing on the salad to give it flavor and make it a bit moist.  I also decided to splurge a little bit and try a San Pellegrino Water since I had the gift card.  John, not having the Gluten and Dairy allergies that I have and hearing that Buttonwood Grill was known for their burgers, had a cheeseburger, which he enjoyed immensely, along with an unsweetened iced tea.

The dining area was very well lit, very spacious and very clean.  The booth was small; however, it was very cozy and excellent for private conversation.  The service was absolutely phenomenal; our server, Macy went above and beyond for us to make sure we had an enjoyable dining experience.  The hostesses were also very friendly and wanted to make sure that I had a safe and enjoyable dining experience and understood that it is difficult for someone with double allergies, such as Yours Truly, to eat anywhere.  Although it can be pricey, I highly recommend Buttonwood Grill as a treat for either lunch or dinner.  Reservations are recommended, unless otherwise advised.

Buttonwood Grill
5795 Lower York Rd
New Hope, PA 18938

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