And You May Ask Yourself, “Well, How Did I Get Here?”

Around this time last year, I had this really itchy rash on my stomach that just wasn’t going away.  I was waiting to go see John’s Wellness Practitioner about it because the only opening that she had at the time was towards the end of May.  When I finally saw her, she gave me news that pretty much changed my life; I was allergic to Gluten and Dairy.  When I was tested, the results showed high levels of wheat and dairy in my system and I had to eliminate those foods from my diet.  Once I did start to eliminate the wheat/gluten and dairy from my diet, the rash started to go away.  Maybe a couple weeks or so since I changed the way I ate (and with some Forces of Nature Eczema control Topical Eczema medicine on my skin to soothe the itching), the rash eventually disappeared entirely.

There was also the issue of finding places where I can eat and letting the people at these establishments know about my allergies.  A lot of people were pretty cool about it and were willing to accommodate me and make every effort to assure that I didn’t get sick.  There were also instances where I was met with blank stares, uncomfortable silence, and the person taking my order asking John if he had “any issues” and it seemed they were more comfortable handling his order because he didn’t require any special instructions.  At least that’s how it felt to me at those particular moments.  I am also aware that there is the risk of cross contamination because a lot of restaurants and order to go places are not strictly gluten free and dairy free facilities.  I still have to ask if there is a dedicated fryer for the fries or if they’re prepared with breaded items (those rare times when I do feel like having Sweet Potato fries, which isn’t often).  When I can, I have to make sure that the equipment being used is sanitized and wiped down or that my food item is made separately away from the shared space where the food is prepared.

It’s been nearly a year since that I have started on my journey, changed my lifestyle (again), and became Gluten and Dairy free.  Admittedly, there have been a few missteps along the way, a lot of relearning how to eat again, and a little bit of frustration.  I will also admit that I have probably felt better within the past year than I have felt previously.  I recently saw my Wellness Practitioner and she is immensely pleased with how I’m progressing; no new food sensitivities, my enzymes and vitamins are good, just have a couple of issues that need to be worked on.  My OB/GYN also commented that I was the best she’s ever seen me when I saw her for my yearly checkup recently.  It’s a lot of work to keep it up, but I’m doing it, like a boss, and I’m very proud of myself.