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My Progress Since Last Year

And You May Ask Yourself, “Well, How Did I Get Here?” Around this time last year, I had this really itchy rash on my stomach...

by Andrea

All the Small Things

Little Details When Dining Out and Eating at Home with Food Allergies  Sometimes, eating out with food allergies is like navigating an obstacle course.  You...

by Andrea

Google It

Using the Internet, Social Media, Networking, and Print Media as Resources When it comes to changing your lifestyle and diet, it can be tricky, considering...

by Andrea

Be Our Guest

Handling Social Situations with Gluten and Dairy Allergies Having restrictions on your diet is not fun, especially when you have to deal with food allergies. ...

by Andrea

The Struggle Is Real

Eating Out With Gluten and Dairy Allergies Going out to eat was something I always used to look forward to, usually as something that John...

by Andrea

Is It Safe?

Why Reading Labels is Important As I have been navigating my allergies for the last few months, there was one aspect of food shopping that...

by Andrea