Dine and Dish: Eat 'N Park


Dine and Dish: Eat ‘N’ Park

Whenever John and I had visited Altoona with his parents in the last ten years, we always had to find a place for breakfast that everyone agreed on.  One place that we could all agree on was Eat ‘N’ Park; we would usually go there on Sunday morning before we left and Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Dale would join us before they went to church if they were able to.  I haven’t been to Eat ‘N’ Park in many years, so during our current visit this past Memorial Day holiday weekend, that was my request for breakfast.  John and his parents informed me that it had been remodeled since I was last there, so it was definitely a treat to see the newly renovated Eat ‘N’ Park during our current visit.

Eat “N’ Park, located at 137 Bowling Lane in Altoona, PA, is one of 60 restaurant franchises with locations in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The first Eat ‘N’ Park was originally established as a carhop 70 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA.   I was glad that there was a section of the regular menu indicating what was Gluten Free.  I did double check with the manager to make sure that the Liquid Margarine that they used for cooking didn’t contain any dairy, which was confirmed; Eat ‘N’ Park does not use any butter at all in their cooking, which was an immense relief to me.  For my meal, I had the Original Breakfast Smile: 2 Eggs any style (I got mine scrambled), breakfast potatoes, and turkey sausage along with an additional side of fruit a la carte.  Gluten Free rolls are offered, but I decided not to have the potatoes and the roll together in the same meal.  The meal was filling and satisfying. I liked what I had the first time so much, I had the same exact thing the next morning before John, his parents, and I headed back home.

The restaurant was brightly lit and comfortable.  Having not been there in several years, I was impressed by the renovated look of the restaurant.  The seating was comfortable and the service was very good both days that we were there for breakfast.  Eat ‘N’ Park is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Western Pennsylvania or wherever there is an Eat ‘N’ Park franchise in proximity if you happen to be traveling in Ohio or West Virginia.

137 Bowling Lane
Altoona, PA 16601

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